‘Unused talents gives you no advantage over someone who has no talent at all.’ — Mark Twain


NEW-.gifAn innate talent originates in genetically transmitted structures and hence is to a good extent innate and not everyone is born with it.

How fortunate are those people who have been able to take advantage of their special gift and been able to nurture it and turn it into something that defines them and their life.

Out of millions of inborn talented musicians, painters, sculptors etc. only a handful becomes Sir Elton John, Damien Hirst or Anish Kapoor but does that mean that the person who is an amazing natural guitar player but is also an IT professional and a father of two is not special at all. The answer is yes he is because he has that special talent with which not everyone is born.

In this complex day and age most of us who have that innate special ability completely sideline that ability and follow the traditional road of life and so this site aims in making people understand that it’s one life that we have and our talents should not be wasted and be used by sharing our work, knowledge and ideas with the rest of the world!